Banking and Finance

Our customers are Norwegian and foreign banks, financial institutions and investment firms as well as business enterprises that need financing.

Our attorneys assist you in all financing processes from preliminary work to implementation and they have a significant amount of experience in national and international projects. We cooperate with other teams in order to give effective and practical advice during structuring and negotiations and when establishing and implementing financial solutions.

We have a large international network of professional contacts and are often chosen by foreign lawyers to assist were Norwegian businesses are a part of an international financing arrangement.

We also assist insurance companies and insurance intermediaries with contract negotiations and reviewing insurance terms and market materials etc.

Cooperating with lawyers specializing in insolvency and restructuring, we have established a team that assists in restructuring and refinancing matters and doubtful loans.

What we do:

  • Regulatory issues and conditions
  • Preparing loan agreements: syndicated and bilateral
  • Preparing and setting up sureties
  • Preparing and reviewing insurance terms and related material
  • Acquisition financing; private and listed companies
  • Financing for real property, ships etc. (asset financing)
  • Project financing Bond loans
  • Derivatives Leasing
  • Regulatory issues and conditions
  • Restructuring and refinancing for businesses
  • Loss given defaults etc

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