With comprehensive experience and industry specific knowledge, we support energy companies globally. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of lawyers with many years’ experience working with the energy sector.

We are committed to helping energy companies find the most robust and commercially sensible solutions to complex problems. This may involve protecting our clients’ interests and manage risk in new markets, even in countries where law and social structure are less developed.

We have extensive experience with complex energy development projects. Often working in close collaboration with our clients and usually involved through the whole process, we have helped clients establish business on all continents.

Financial aid or cooperative financing deals are often required for completion of projects in developing countries. We structure and negotiate financial solutions. Frequently this involves contact with top level authorities, and in many cases we have regular contact with the authorities and relevant government agencies.

Additionally, we assist energy companies with related issues, such as strategy and corporate structure.

What we do:

  • Formulation and negotiation of contracts, licenses and necessary permits
  • Planning and negotiation of project financing
  • Negotiation and communication with relevant authorities
  • Public procurement applications
  • Taxes and duties
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

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