The list of professions and businesses we help with issues related to property law and problems with proprietary rights are long.

Commercial building brokers, property brokers, property companies, property managers, landowners, tenants and lessors, ground lessors, housing cooperatives and cooperative building societies, property developers and financing institutions.

We act as advisors and collaborators in a number of processes all around the country. We also spend a lot of time litigating large and small cases in court and at the probate and bankruptcy courts. Many of our attorneys specialising in property law are attorneys at law admitted to the Supreme Court.

What we do:

  • Contracts
  • Taxation optimisation
  • Zoning and planning processes
  • Company due diligence
  • Property transactions
  • Expropriation and valuation
  • Claims and change orders
  • Neighbour issues
  • Disputes

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