The public sector

The public sector needs good immediate legal support to make certain no errors occur. Competent attorneys are also essential in dealing with different types of disputes and court cases.

External legal professionals are also often needed to conduct workshops and cooperate with in-house lawyers to enhance the skill and competence of staff members.

Our attorneys have many years of experience working in and assisting the public sector with competence in all relevant disciplines. 

In recent years we have invested time and effort to develop solid expertise in public procurement so we are able to offer rapid assessment of the necessity for tender competitions in any specific situation. We have experience in all aspects of procurement processes; advisory services for the public’s case handlers and for drawing up documents for competitive dialogues and competitions, handling questions on how to reject and evaluate bidders, dealing with complaints and appeals, application processing related to the Norwegian Complaints Board and all legal processes.

What we do:

  • Administrative Law, case processing, disqualification and the right to review documents
  • State subsidies and EU Law
  • Consulting and advice in labour Law
  • Planning and building laws
  • Construction and building contract law, follow-up of public building rojects
  • Legal issues related to real property, expropriation and pollution responsibility
  • Company law and cooperation between public agencies
  • Laws related to taxation and duties and VAT-exemptions
  • Negotiations and terms of contract
  • Child welfare
  • Health and social care law
  • Litigation

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