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Our lawyers work hard to protect and augment our customers’ values. Our lawyers know their way around a courtroom; they are also highly competent in commercial matters. The combination of these skills allows them to practice law effectively based on a customer's needs and the specific situation at hand. They act as proactive advisors who strive to solve conflicts, before the case ends in court, and they speak a language our customers understand.

Steenstrup Stordrange is one of the country's largest law firms with offices in Norway’s most important business centres and industrial zones. Employee career development is prioritised at our law firm. We hire ambitious and highly competent attorneys. Our success depends on our ability to attract, develop and keep hold of the most talented professionals. Steenstrup Stordrange is a dynamic company with a structured programme for employee competence development. This process focuses on professional development, essential markets and providing a high level of quality to our customers. We support our employees in their career development and evaluate their professional progress based on how they develop as individuals and how they contribute to the professional development of fellow employees. Our recruitment programme emphasises legal competence, understanding of commercial matters and communication and network building skills.

How do we keep talented people? Our colleagues tell us that they enjoy their work. It is that easy and that difficult. We think the answer lies in the opportunity to work in-depth and across a wide range of fields and the possibility of working with experienced lawyers who know their craft – within a youthful, informal and enjoyable environment.

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Per Ragnar Bronken
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Hege Gaaseide
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Ann-Kristin Thømt
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