Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm

Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm


Karlstrøm holds long experience and works specialized with general and special contract law, both within the building- and construction industry and within the maritime industry.

She frequently assists both the builder-side and the contractor-side with consultancy and dispute resolution within the Norwegian standard contracts in the construction and building industry. Assistance is often performed from before the contract formation and throughout the entire contract period, including in final settlement disputes.

Karlstrøm also assists clients within the maritime industry on both consultancy and dispute resolution on contracts regarding new-constructions, repairing and overhauling, and problems in connection to the law of sales. She also assists on labour legislation questions, including the ship’s labour legislation law.

Through many years she has been working both as a judge and as a lawyer, and in this manner she has very good qualifications for assisting clients in the industry on strategic consultancy, including experience within proceedings- and dispute resolution. Karlstrøm regularly litigates before the Norwegian court of justices.

Annually Karlstrøm gives a number of speeches to both clients and the industry generally on the subjects contracting law, labour legislation and contract law. She is a regular administrator of both decedent- and bankrupt estates for Nord-Troms District Court.

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T: +47 77 61 78 11
M: +47 977 43 248
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