Stig Nordal


Project Asst.

Nordal is specialized in tax law and corporate law. He works primarily with ownership and company restructuring, private placements, transactions, both nationally and internationally. He has a particular focus on fiscal matters in these situations, in addition to that he is dealing with complaints and litigation related to Business Taxation.

Nordal's work aims particularly early stage and growth companies in various parts of the technology segment (IT / tech, medtech, biotech). He assists startups and mature companies at various stages of their development, and continuously works with technology investors, business angel funds and venture funds. Nordal leads the technology and innovation group in SANDS, which collaborates with a number of early environments, incubators and innovation communities. He is a director of various technology startups and technology funds.

Nordal was in Silicon Valley, California, USA for a period where he worked with the facilitation of Norwegian companies wishing to establish themselves in the United States in cooperation with US attorneys and the financial environment in Silicon Valley.

Nordal has coauthored several books and articles on tax law issues.