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Crew changes amidst the COVID-19-crisis

In response to the Covid-19-outbreak, countries have implemented various restrictions concerning travel and quarantine. The restrictions make crew cha…


Occupational injury insurance in light of the Covid-19-outbreak

Employers are required to take out insurance policies for their employees to cover occupational injury and disease. Due to the Covid-19-outbreak, the…

We want to create a law firm where professional quality, focus on the clients and job satisfaction trump everything.
Ernst Ravnaas, managing partner at SANDS, is convinced long work days with enormous requirements to billable hours do not necessarily lead to the highest quality of work. We want energetic employees with clear and rested minds. Our clients gain from that, he says in this interview.

Covid-19’s possible impact on shipping contracts

Covid-19 poses an international health threat, and the impact on business activities and the global economy is being felt worldwide. In the following…


Brief memorandum concerning «corona» consequences to the workplace

The entire Norwegian society is now very much affected by the different measures put in place by the government in order to prevent further spread of…


EEA agreeement watchdog says ownership restrictions in Norwegian banks and insurance companies are incompatbile with EEA law

Last week the EFTA Surveillance Authority (“ESA”), the watchdog which monitors and enforces the EEA Agreement with similar powers as the European Comm…


Coronavirus insurance considerations

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak comes an array of new and uncertain challenges for businesses across the globe, including within the world of…

Covid-19 measures cause financial distress

Board checklist - creditor negotiations

The severe impacts of the Covid-19 measures cause financial distress for many companies.

The”force majeure” of loan agreements

Oil price collapse + Corona = MAC? The”force majeure” of loan agreements

The world is fighting a pandemia and combined with the oil price plummeting the consequences are severe - for our health and for the economy. Do these…