Terms and conditions


1. Area of Application

The following terms apply to the execution of assignments by Advokatfirmaet Steenstrup Stordrange DA.

2 The Assignment

The assignment is outlined in a letter of acceptance. The assignment may be altered or elaborated subsequent to acceptance.

Steenstrup Stordrange’s assistance does not incorporate tax-related questions arising in connection with the assignment unless specifically stated in the letter of acceptance.

The fees for legal services are invoiced on a monthly basis with a due date of 20 days and an additional 25 % VAT. Our policy for calculating fees is described comprehensively in the letter of acceptance.

Where an assignment is altered subsequent to acceptance a written confirmation will be issued by Steenstrup Stordrange verifying the alterations.

The execution of the assignment may and often will induce disbursements which the client will be responsible for. We wish to point out that invoicing of such disbursements will incur VAT.

Clients who are based abroad are not initially obliged to pay VAT. Exemption does not however cover all areas of an assignment. Services which may be liable to VAT during the course of an assignment will be brought to the attention of the client.

3. Outcome of the Case/Liability

Though we may render an opinion concerning the outcome of a case, this does not imply any legal responsibility on our part for this outcome being reached.

In the event of a case being lost, the client may risk being ordered to pay the other party’s expenses and court fee. This liability rests solely on the client.

Where a client is awarded expenses in a legal ruling, but to a lesser sum than fees already invoiced or to be invoiced by us, the client will be responsible to Steenstrup Stordrange for the remainder.

Steenstrup Stordrange’s liability for damages for losses arising in connection with a case is limited to the following:

Liability for damages is limited to direct and documented financial losses.

Liability may not exceed an amount 5 times the invoiced fee for the case that the complaint arises from.

Liability is in any circumstances limited to the cover given by Steenstrup Stordrange’s liability insurance.

4. Conflicts of Interests

Prior to the acceptance of an assignment as under the prevailing terms, Steenstrup Stordrange considers the question of conflict of interests, based amongst other things on the following guidelines:

Steenstrup Stordrange may only represent one of the parties in one and the same case. This does not, however, apply to transactions where otherwise agreed or where Steenstrup Stordrange has made a proviso that they may work on a non-exclusive basis for the client in concern.

The undertaking of an assignment for a client does not bar Steenstrup Stordrange from accepting assignments from others whom the client considers to be competitors.

Assignments which involve our firm acting as sub-contractor for others’ clients do not prevent Steenstrup Stordrange accepting assignments against such clients although the client in question may have instructed us in connection with our services.

Where we undertake assignments for lawyers or other consultants, it is they who are considered to be our client, unless it is provided for or agreed that their client is to be treated as such by us.

5 Duty of Confidentiality and Discretion

Steenstrup Stordrange is bound by law to treat information that is imparted to us with professional secrecy. Information that is not governed by the obligation of secrecy is treated with discretion. The duty of discretion is not limited in time.

Where assistance is given by the firm’s other employees or external expertise, necessary information may be imparted to them notwithstanding the obligation of secrecy to the extent necessary for the assignment.

6. Client Funds, Documents and Advance Payments

Upon request we may require an advance payment for forthcoming work. Payment is to be made to our client account and will be calculated as set out in item 2 unless otherwise agreed.

In the event that an invoice is not settled within the time stated, we reserve the right to settle amounts due in any of the client’s funds that are held by us.

Upon lack of payment for any outstanding invoices, we reserve the right to withhold documents that we have received.

7. Copyright

Steenstrup Stordrange shall retain all rights related to material developed or employed by us. This applies also to opinions, working methods, agreements etc. used for or delivered to the client. The client shall only be entitled to use such documents etc. for the purpose for which they were created or delivered. Over and above this, it shall not be permitted, without the consent of Steenstrup Stordrange, to use such documents etc. oneself or to deliver them to third parties.

8. Use of E-mail

Documents drafted by us or received from others in connection with the assignment will as a rule be sent by e-mail unless we are instructed otherwise.

9. Complaints

In the event that the client is not satisfied with the work we have carried out, following up of the case, invoices received or other matters arising from the execution of the assignment, complaints are in the first instance to be lodged with the Managing Director of Steenstrup Stordrange. He will process the complaint without undue delay, and notify the client of his decision.

If the matter is not resolved between the parties following a complaint to Steenstrup Stordrange, the client may lodge a complaint with the disciplinary board of the Norwegian Bar Association. The disciplinary board gives the client the opportunity to have considered whether assignment has been carried out in accordance with the rules governing good practice. The client furthermore has the opportunity to have the size of the fee considered. The quality of the work carried out may not as a rule be considered by the disciplinary board.

The general time limit for lodging a complaint is 6 months. This begins to run from the time the complainant was aware or should have been aware of the reasons constituting the grounds for the complaint.

The complaint is processed by the Norwegian Bar Associations disciplinary board in the first instance.

The disciplinary board’s decision may be appealed to the Appeals Committee.

10. Resolution of Disputes

The assignment, contract for the assignment and these general conditions are all subject to Norwegian law.

All disputes arising from the assignment, contract for the assignment and the general terms of business are subject to Norwegian jurisdiction, with the Oslo district court as appointed venue.

11. Amendments to General Conditions

Steenstrup Stordrange may at any time – following a 30-day notice – amend these general conditions.

The conditions which apply at any given time are posted on our website and may be provided on request.

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