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Bankruptcy management

At SANDS we have a practice that deals specifically with bankruptcy management, compulsory liquidations and bankruptcy debt negotiations. The overview of completed bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings listed here is, due to personal privacy considerations, limited to the cases that were completed during the last 12 months.

The proceedings are handled by the following partners: Terje Bjørndal and Eirik Edvardsen. Reports available on internet have had sensitive information removed, such as details about criminal offences or bankruptcy suspensions due to crimes allegedly committed by the bankrupt company. You may request a copy of a complete report by sending an e-mail to our Insolvency Department, or you may contact us by mail or telephone.

Information about personal debtors and bankruptcy debt negotiations is protected by password entry. Request a password by emailing the Insolvency Practice if you have not received one yet.

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Terje Bjørndahl
Terje Bjørndahl
T: +47 73 99 27 03
M: +47 480 16 503
Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm
Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm
T: +47 77 61 78 11
M: +47 977 43 248