Asset Management and Private Equity

With an ever increasing investment activity within the asset management industry, the industry is also experiencing a steady increase in regulation. SANDS provides a wide range of services to all types of asset managers and private equity investors, from establishment of collective investment structures to advising on ongoing regulatory matters.

We are broadly experienced within all regulatory matters relevant for asset managers. Our team regularly advises asset managers with establishment, restructurings and the ongoing management of all types of fund structures, in Norway and internationally recognised fund jurisdictions, including securities’ funds (UCITS/non-UCITS), real estate funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds.

Within the private equity segment our assistance ranges over the entire life cycle of a fund; From establishment of fund structures to assistance with mergers and acquisitions, establishment of investment programs for key personnel, co-investments and exits. Our clients comprise managers, (co-)investors and portfolio companies.

SANDS has a particular presence within the venture capital segment where we regularly advises fund managers, investors and start-up companies from early venture phase through further growth and exit.


Crowdfunding – proposal for changed regulations

What is crowdfunding? There is no definition of crowdfunding (No. Folkefinansiering) in Norwegian law, and crowdfunding exists in various forms. A…

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