Banking and finance law

SANDS specialises in all key areas of banking and finance law. Our customers in the banking and finance sector include national and foreign banks, financial institutions, investment firms and business enterprises that need financing.

High partner focus with highly experienced people. Partner’s with in-house experience from leading banks which is a great asset. - Legal 500

Our lawyers can assist you in all financing processes from preliminary work to implementation and they have a significant amount of experience in national and international projects. We also cooperate with other practices in our firm in order to provide effective and practical advice during structuring, negotiating and establishing and implementing financing solutions.

We have a large international network of professional contacts. We are an associate member of the Loan Market Association (LMA).

Our areas of expertise include these, among others:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Preparing loan agreements; syndicated and bilateral
  • Preparing and setting up sureties (securities/collateral/guarantees)
  • Acquisition financing; private companies and companies listed in the stock exchange
  • Financing for real property, ships etc. (asset financing)
  • Project financing
  • Bond loans
  • Derivatives
  • Leasing

In cooperation with our Restructuring and Insolvency Practice we have also established a team of experts who can assist in business restructuring, refinancing and assistance with underperforming portfolios. 

The lawyers in this team have solid expertise in banking, financing, insurance, company law, contract law, mortgage law, guarantee law and bankruptcy and insolvency.


Reconstruction: a more efficient judicial debt negotiation procedure

Covid-19 has resulted in several companies experiencing dramatic loss of income and major financial difficulties. This entails, among other things, un…


State guaranteed loans and re-establishment of the state bond fund

The liquidity of businesses and enterprises are being affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19-disease and measures implemented to combat it.


EEA agreeement watchdog says ownership restrictions in Norwegian banks and insurance companies are incompatbile with EEA law

Last week the EFTA Surveillance Authority (“ESA”), the watchdog which monitors and enforces the EEA Agreement with similar powers as the European Comm…

Covid-19 measures cause financial distress

Board checklist - creditor negotiations

The severe impacts of the Covid-19 measures cause financial distress for many companies.

The”force majeure” of loan agreements

Oil price collapse + Corona = MAC? The”force majeure” of loan agreements

The world is fighting a pandemia and combined with the oil price plummeting the consequences are severe - for our health and for the economy. Do these…

Photo Sustainibility

Sustainability Linked Loans

Recently, Norsk Hydro ASA signed a USD 1,600 million revolving multi-currency revolving credit facility. This facility had a twist – the margin is lin…

Vi klarer ikke rente- og avdragsbetalingene – hvordan håndterer vi det?

Webinar 4/23/2020

SANDS har et av landets ledende miljøer for sivil prosedyre og er et av firmaene som fører aller flest saker i domstolene. Vi har også lang erfaring i…

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