SANDS is one of Norway’s largest professional law environments in technology and innovation. SANDS assists and advises technology companies throughout the full life cycle, from start up through the growth phase and up to sale or listing on the stock exchange. This means that our lawyers advise on all the activities the company is to deal with, including company ownership and ownership structure, business plans and models, supplier contracts, incentive agreements, customer agreements, rights and taxation.

We structure and facilitate funding from conception to the acquisition of equity capital and IPOs. If the company is to be established outside Norway, we have a broad international network of investors, lawyers and mentors that benefit all our clients. SANDS is very close to the foremost Norwegian incubator and innovation environments, and has in-depth knowledge and experience of innovation and digitisation. The ongoing transformation and developments in technology are invaluable, including for SANDS' more established clients.

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When SANDS resolved to achieve the position as the preferred lawyers of the technology sector, the company went to Silicon Valley to learn to think little. It paid off big time.
- We have helped a large number of Norwegian start-ups to establish themselves internationally. On our journey we have acquired a network and insight into what technology actually does that is solid gold – not least for our major clients, says Stig Nordal, leader of the technology group in SANDS.
With its charming robots for chronically ill children, No Isolation has become one of the greatest happy-ending stories in the world of Norwegian entrepreneurs, a story which is now being told enthusiastically in more and more international markets. Lawyer Stig Nordal has been part of every move the robot has made since founder Karen Dolva got help from her father in soldering together the first network interface cards.

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