White-collar crime

The white group at SANDS is among Norway’s leading expert environments in economic criminality. The firm has represented clients in a number of Norway’s largest and highest-profile cases. The group is under the management of principal partner Bjørn Stordrange and provides all-encompassing advice to enterprises and individuals throughout the entir e process related to suspicion of censurable circumstances. This includes crisis management, media strategy, assistance with examinations by supervisory authorities, and assistance during investigation and consideration of the case in court.

How SANDS works on white-collar crime

The case begins: The search

Assistance during investigation

Trials before the courts  

Our services encompass: 

White-collar crime cases can be particularly burdensome for those involved, says Bjørn Stordrange, one of Norway’s highest-profile economic crime lawyers.
“They last a long time and can ruin the career, health and family life of those involved. Therefore it is not until criminal law expertise melds with personal experience and dedication that we as lawyers constitute a crucial difference.

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