Achievement of the Year!

Our heartfelt thanks go to our colleagues in other law firms who participated in Finansavisen’s annual review of practicing lawyers. Not only did we receive the award for the achievement of the year, our lawyers are also ranked as amongst the best in a number of fields of law.
Thursday, February 15, 2018

The award for Achievement of the Year was bestowed on us for the assistance we provided to the 474 former students at Westerdal’s College in Oslo. The case has been widely discussed and commented on in the media, and is also the subject of an article in the latest number of Advokatbladet. Morten Hugo Berger and Lars Tormodsgard prosecuted the case.

We are also extremely pleased to see that many of our lawyers have been listed high on the ranking list. Nicolai Skridshol is ranked as number two in Investigation and Compliance. Oddbjørn Slinning and Marit E. Kirkhusmo were placed amongst the top echelons in Shipping. Marit is in fact the first woman ever to be included on this list.

Lars Berge Andersen is ranked amongst the leaders in Offshore and Oil Services and Geir Frøholm’s seat amongst Norway’s leading contract lawyers was again confirmed.

Ole-Martin Lund Andreassen was named as amongst Norway’s best in Fisheries and Aquaculture law, and Jon Skjørshammer was as always highly placed on the list of leading Bankruptcy and Insolvency lawyers. Bjørn Stordrange also features in this year’s list.

Our congratulations also go to Christian Kjellby Nesset (Insurance), Lars S. Alsaker (Fisheries and Aquaculture), Aksel J. Hageler (Bankruptcy) and Robert Jensen (Bankruptcy and Insolvency), all of whom feature on the Up and Coming list.

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