April 4th | FIDIC – important and relevant to Norway

Welcome to seminar April 4th 2018, 09 – 14 HRS
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Understanding and implementing FIDIC contracts is a must in the international building and construction industry. In Norway we experience that FIDIC principles, mind-set and systems play an increasingly important role and is influencing domestic contracts.  Not least new international entrants with FIDIC background working  on Norwegian projects are contributing to this.  Better knowledge of FIDIC system, principles and conflict resolution is therefore more relevant than ever.

Mrs Aisha Nadar is one of the leading FIDIC experts in the world and member of FIDIC Executive Committee.  She is visiting our office and will be conducting this seminar on FIDIC.

Programme highlights

  • Introduction  - domestic companies going international/international companies enter Norway
  • FIDIC – the organiation and its standard form of contracts
  • The 1999 Suite: Red, Yellow and Silver
  • The White Book
  • The FIDIC suite and its usage around the world
  • Changes to the Rainbow Suite 2017
  • The Crystal Ball – FIDIC in the future

Time and Place

This venue take place April 4th 2018,  09 – 14 HRS in our office in Cort Adelers gate 33 in Oslo.  Light meal will be served during the seminar.

Sign in

Please sign in by clicking this link. The seminar will be in English. There is no participant fee. 
For questions please contact Morten Tveten or Bjørn Holmesland, tlf:+47 22 81 45 00. You are cordially invited to participate in this venue in person or through other representative from you organization.


 Aisha Nadar

Aisha Nadar, a FIDIC expert, speaker and trainer, CC TG member, FIDIC accredited adjudicator, has been a regular speaker and a volunteer since 2009.
For over 30 years, Aisha has been actively involved in all phases of the negotiation and implementation of large-scale cross-border infrastructure and defense programs. Her procurement and international contract management experience includes holding senior level positions in the US, the Middle East and Europe.

Aisha is listed on FIDIC President’s List of Accredited Adjudicators and currently serves as a member of FIDIC’s Update Task Group updating the FIDIC 1999 Red, Yellow and Silver conditions of Contract and as the Special FIDIC Procurement Advisor on Multilateral Development Bank matters. She also serves as a member of FIDIC Task Group 13, responsible for drafting updated FIDIC Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Rules. She is an officer of the International Construction Projects Committee of the International Bar Association and has previously served as a member of the Standing Committee of ICC International Centre for ADR.

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