In Norway, whistleblowing is highly regulated and there is considerable focus on the subject in business, non-commercial organisations and in the public sector. Notifications from whistleblowers are usually about illegal acts, breaches of company policy, rules and regulations or unethical behaviour.

SANDS assists clients with specialist legal advice. We ca also set up  an external whistleblowing facility and  handle incoming notifications. The technical solution we offer gives employees the opportunity to anonymously notify the system, and lets us communicate directly with the notifier. It is simple and suitable for all companies. This solution addresses both information security and privacy requirements, and complies with the Working Environment Act’s provisions on proper notification.

Why is a notification channel important for your company?

It is statutory to facilitate whistleblowing. According to the Working Environment Act, employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are able to report on censurable actions and circumstances. Further, to ensure that the whistleblower feels confident that the information is treated in a secure, legally compliant manner, without the risk of retaliation. Included in the employer’s duties lies the responsibility to provide their employees with good information on their rights regarding whistleblowing, and establishing procedures for the safe handling of notifications

Access to information from employees. Employees in a company have large amounts of information that neither the Board of Directors nor management have access to. This could include censurable actions or circumstances that the board and management are responsible for uncovering and managing. Audits and internal control systems cannot uncover all such matters; access to information from employees is therefore crucial for management..

Access to information from third parties.

In addition to employees, suppliers, customers and other external contacts could have information on illegal, irregular or unethical behaviour or circumstances that could be important formanagement. We can provide an external whistleblowing facility that also manages whistleblowing from sources outside the company. This is not a statutory requirement, but it reduces the risk of the company being unaware of events that are financially or regulatory damaging, or may lead to a loss of reputation

Secure handling of sensitive information. An external facility for handling notifications ensures an objective, secure and legally sound process and increased credibility, both internally and in the event of public scrutiny. It signalises that the company takes its legal and moral obligations regarding whistleblowing very seriously.


How can we assist your company?

SANDS helps our clients by establishing a professional system and procedures and by handling incoming notifications. The solution complies with the law, is fully encrypted and facilitates compliance with applicable government requirements in a simple way.

Our notification system usually includes:

  • Documentet processes and routines for handling notifications, or an evaluation of any existing system
  • Establishing and operating an external whistleblowing facility
  • Receipt and preliminary assessment of notifications and delivery to the client’s designated officer or function

In addition, we can assist with:

  • Follow-ups of information from the notifications, specialist investigations and examinations of facts, in addition to legal assessments. Read more about our specialists here.
  • Information for management and employees about the legal and operational aspects of whistleblowing and the system established, including training and preparation of material.

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