Compliance, commercial consultancy and transaction support

SANDS is one of Norway’s leading law firms within the fields of investigation and compliance, composed of an extremely strong and reputable professional environment. Our specialists are commercial consultants, sparring partners and trusted advisors for, among others, Boards of Directors and senior management within anti-corruption and compliance. We provide advice to companies, organisations and public institutions with professional competence in anti-corruption and compliance, to ensure long-term profitability, through entering into sound contracts and making resource-effective investments. We assist in avoiding and/or minimising disputes, reputational and financial losses. In our experience, we are a supplement to a transactions team. Read more below about how we can assist your business within compliance!

Transaction support and commercial consultancy

Our specialists work as trusted advisors at all stages of investment and transaction processes – either as independent external advisors, or in collaboration with the client’s internal team. Our tasks, among other things, can involve identification of risk areas through stress testing of potential investment objects, to control of whether a business is in line with the client’s expectations, standards and national and/or international laws and regulations before any investment/transaction is decided upon, initiated or implemented – for example in connection with investments in new markets or new companies (acquisitions or mergers). We can also assist in the evaluation of the legal compliance of transactions and offerings, including evaluating obtaining finance and/or licences/permits, also legal compliance in connection with the export and/or import of goods and services.

Investigation and assessments of compliance of clients, suppliers, investment objects or other third parties

We assist companies in their overall compliance work, in respect of risk-based follow-up of the company’s value chain, including the use of suppliers, consultants, agents and third parties. Assistance is often provided before entering into contracts or on implementation of an investment. Our investigations and special purpose audits often assess a company’s compliance in respect of internal and external guidelines in addition to laws and regulations, identify any weaknesses, and if so desired, offer advice on how it is anticipated that weaknesses should be rectified. These assessments are often risk-based and can be related to anti-corruption, ethics, the company’s operational processes, or compliance and implementation/practicing of guidelines related to ESG (environmental, social and governance) handling/approach.

Cross-disciplinary Cooperation

One of our strengths is broad interdisciplinary competence; we put together tailor-made teams with specific professional skills in order to carry out each individual investigation/examination securely and effectively. Read more about selected alternative professional areas with which we cooperate closely:

International presence and Cooperation

When we assist Norwegian companies with activities overseas or foreign third parties, a local presence is critical in order to understand the setting, risk picture and local circumstances. Together with our clients, we travel around the world in order to be “hands on” andto provide relevant commercial advice and evaluations.

We also have access to a broad international network of cooperating partners all over the globe, which means we can always provide high quality with the required insight into local commercial issues and laws when carrying out investigations, e.g. among others, The Interlex Group®, composed of 47 law firms in 61 countries and 155 cities, whcih is ranked in Tier 1 of Chambers & Partners.

Courses and seminars on compliance or other related themes

We hold courses and seminars on a broad range of themes and problem issues related to compliance, for Board of Directors, senior management, key personnel, legal departments in companies, organisations and public institutions.

Read more about our other disciplines:



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