Taxation, duties and accounting

Our team of attorneys and economists work in all areas of commercial taxation, property tax, VAT, customs and excise duties. We provide advice and assistance to companies, investors and sole proprietors that operate nationally and internationally.

In addition to our particular expertise in taxation and excise duties, this team has acquired excellent knowledge in trades such as real estate/property, trade, services, industry and private equity.

This allows us to cover a wide range of questions and issues related the specific needs and conditions of all these sectors.

SANDS also provides the so-called Global Expatriate Services (GES) to Norwegian companies that need taxation follow-up for Norwegian employees working abroad and for foreign companies with employees in Norway that do not have a dedicated administrative structure to manage such matters.

Our taxation advisors can also help with prior notifications for importation, complaints regarding tax assessment decisions as well as processes against the taxation authorities brought to the ordinary courts.

All our employees have many years of experience in tax law and many have worked for the Tax Administration or auditing companies. The team also has two senior economists who assist in complicated and complex tax/excise duty cases or help our GES Services. 

Some examples of processes we frequently are involved:

  • Share transactions
  • Conveyance of businesses assets
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Restructuring and reorganisation of a areas of business and assets
  • Choice of company structure
  • Inter-group transactions
  • Cross-border transactions 
  • Norwegian companies establishing operations abroad
  • Foreign companies establishing operations in Norway
  • Major generational changes
  • Preparing employee incentive programmes

The team focuses on continuous professional development and has written two books about the 2004-2006 tax reform that are published by Cappelen; many of our team members frequently publish articles in professional magazines.

We became a member of the WTS Alliance in order to ensure our customers the best advice possible in international matters. This is an international network of tax experts with strict requirements for membership.

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