Did you know that SANDS has 13 lawyers admitted to the Supreme Court of Norway?

Friday, November 3, 2017
We currently have a team of 13 lawyers admitted to the Supreme Court of Norway. This makes us one of the leading law firms in Norway in civil law. During the past few years our lawyers have appeared frequently in the Supreme Court of Norway in key cases that are instrumental in the development of Norwegian law and legal practice.

Morten SteenstrupBjørn Stordrange, Hege B. ErsdalMagne RevheimOdd Walther Moi, Ian KenworthyStein HegdalErik Myhr NielsenHalfdan MellbyeRolf Bech-SørensenMagne Mjaaland, Torgeir Fjeldskaar and Oddbjørn Slinning all have the right to appear before the Supreme Court of Norway.

We also have a number of lawyers who regularly represent clients in the specialist fields.  

Through pre-defined and planned objectives we have put together a civil law group that is ready and able to assist both Norwegian and international Companies. 

We represent clients in more than two-hundred cases each year before the law courts or through arbitration processes. During the past twelve months we have assisted in a number of cases that have been spotlighted in the media, amongst these the conflict involving Zachariasbryggen, which is scheduled to come before the Supreme Court of Norway for the second time, and the well-known Westerdal case.  

In order to be able to provide your company in the best possible advice and legal assistance when a case comes before the law courts, it is vital that we put together a team of lawyers who have the required specialist expertise and who are also specialists in procedure. 

We have taken this fully into account and SANDS has therefore put together a key team that spends most of its time in dealing with disputes and that co-operates with specialists in all fields of law. 

This means that if your company becomes involved in a dispute that can end up in the law courts or in arbitration, we are ideally positioned to engage our procedural lawyers in the case with the minimum delay.

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