In Norway, all employers have since 2007 been obliged to have an in-house system for whistleblowing. Whistleblowing is about people notifying executive management about blameworthy conditions or misconduct that may be occurring at the workplace. A thorough, secure and anonymous whistleblowing mechanism enables leaders to correct harmful practices. . Our law firm can assist your business in setting up such a system. We can also provide recommendations and quality assurance measures for these activities.

Ordinary communication channels are often insufficient
Employees are often encouraged to discuss worrisome situations with their closest supervisor. But in practice even in the most open environments this type of system functions poorly because, many people are concerned about the consequences.

What is the problem?
Any company large or small could suffer if important information of this nature does not reach the right ears. Without the vital information that can be gleaned from employees having a trusted, anonymous and independent channel for voicing their concerns, organisations risk creating long-term problems that could have been identified and addressed here and now. Results may be reduced profitability, tarnished reputation, demoralised employees, and substantial fines or costly lawsuits.

What is the solution?
In our experience, the best business leaders ask us to set up an in-house notification system that guarantees anonymity for all employees as a part of the company’s internal routines. This service allows employees to notify executive management about blameworthy incidents or misconduct without providing their Identity.

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