A balanced life

We know our that our industry can be tough and working in it demands a lot. It is inevitable that the hours speed by, but we also know that it is important for our employees to have a life outside of work.

Our employees are in different phases in their lives and have differing wishes and needs. We respect that. 

Quality and professionalism are terms that are integrated in everything we do. It means that we always deliver legal advice that we are proud of, but it is also about something more. It is about the way we behave in relation to each other. It is about understanding that if we do not deliver when we are supposed to, it can have negative consequences. It is about respect.

If each individual is to live up to these requirements, we must take into account the individual's challenges and needs. We must make facilitate our employees being able to handle the demands of everyday life. We must take care of the whole person - that way we get employees who both want to, and can, do their best.

At SANDS, we must never allow ourselves to forget that it is each individual employee that determines at what level the company can deliver.