Working at SANDS

At SANDS, you will have the opportunity to work with some of Norway's best lawyers, while at the same time getting broad and versatile experience that ensures development as a lawyer. Our ambitions are big and professional quality will always be our foundation, but we also have another important goal: SANDS should always be a good place to work.

In order to deliver the best possible result, we have to attract Norway's leading lawyers. With us, there is no "type". We know that we are not alike, we have visible and invisible differences, a diversity we embrace. We are always looking for talents and established lawyers who reflect our society, because we believe it makes us a better partner. We who work in SANDS also have a lot in common. We are united in our ambition and our drive to take the company forward. We work for perfection in everything we do, and we want a workplace based on good cooperation and mutual respect, where everyone does their very best.

By having teams composed of individuals with different experience, background, perspective and qualifications, we will be able to provide better legal advice, as well as the right strategic commercial solutions assessed based on the client's situation and needs.