Halfdan Mellbye


Project Asst.

Halfdan Mellbye is an attorney admitted to the Supreme Court.

He is a specialist on the administrative regulation of fisheries and fish farming with thirty years of experience.

Mellbye is also highly specialised in administrative law, public procurement, dispute resolution and litigation.

He advises municipalities, hospitals and the private business sector on several fields within administrative law such as the environmental field (including waste-handling), education, health and on the area of public procurement. He also has an especially broad experience within different areas of administrative procedure, including topics such as disqualification, duty of secrecy, access to information, and administrative sanctions.

Mellbye has been ranked among the foremost experts on fisheries law in the annual ranking of attorneys in the Norwegian business newspaper, Finansavisen.

He was formerly an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen.

He is also an experienced lecturer.

Unique understanding of laws regulating aquaculture and fisheries.- Chambers