Harald Ellefsen


Project Asst.

Harald Ellefsen is partner at SANDS. His main area is aqauculture/aqauculture law, with focus on regulatory affairs. He also works in other areas in the intersection between business and public administration.

Harald assists industry and commerce in strategic counselling, project/business development and government relations. He has experience from several projects in adapting to public administration administratively and politically.

Harald was elected to the Parliament 1985–1997, after being 1st deputy 1981–1985. He met permanently at the Parliament from 1983.

1999 - today

SANDS Advokatfirma DA

1997 - 1999

Attorney with own legal practice

1989 – 1997

Member of The Finance Committee

1985 – 1989

Deputy of the Justice Committee

1983 – 1985

Member of The Consumer and Management Committee

1983 - 1997

Member of Parliament

1981 - 1982

The Reksten Case

Secretary to the government-appointed Investigation Commission
1978 - 1979

Deputy judge

1977 - 1981

i.a. deputy director

Prosecuting lawyer

University of Oslo

Cand. jur.,
1971 - 1972

Drew University in USA

Studies in political science