Ole-Martin Lund Andreassen

Partner, Dr. Juris.

Project Asst.

Ole-Martin Lund Andreassen is specialised in fishery- and aquaculture law and corporate law. Lund Andreassen holds numerous positions as a member of the board in various companies, especially within the fishery- and aquaculture industry.

He regularly advises a large variety of players in the Norwegian aquaculture industry with questions regarding coastal zone planning, clearing of locations, aquaculture concessions and M&A. In the fishery industry, Lund Andreassen has his speciality in assisting shipowners with transfer of fishing boats and transfer of fishing concessions. Lund Andreassen is ranked as one of Norway’s leading fishery- and aquaculture lawyers, and he is the leader of SANDS' business group for fishery- and aquaculture law. For six years he has been a member of the Norwegian Bar Association’s panel for fishery- and aquaculture law.

Lund Andreassen is also specialised in corporate law, and regularly advises clients with questions regarding shareholder disputes, liability for board of directors and with private investigation. Lund Andreassen has a doctor's degree on the subject “protection of creditors’” and for several years has had lectures in corporate law at the University of Tromsø. He has been a member of the Norwegian Bar Association’s panel for corporate law for a period of six years.

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