Why is corporate social responsibility important to us?

The answer to this question is simple; we believe that we must all contribute if we are to build a better society and a better world. The UN’s sustainability goals can’t be solved on a macro level and the responsibility can’t be offloaded on everybody else. We all need to contribute and in SANDS we do this because we are passionate about it. Our firm has a history characterised by partners and employees with a strong desire to engage in, and contribute to society. We continue this commitment in many ways.

Before we can answer why this is important for us as a firm, it is useful to explain what the term involves.

Corporate social responsibility is the responsibility companies take for the environment, society and people that are affected by their operations, beyond what is required by law.​ In 2015 The United Nations issued 17 ambitious and important sustainability goals, aimed at eliminating poverty, combating inequality, and stopping climate change by 2030. This is the world’s collective work plan, and the goals are designed to provide an agreed global path for countries, business, and civil society. ​Social responsibility and sustainability have a much wider meaning than one imagines when the words are first presented.

The goals have significantly influenced Norwegian politics and business and in June 2021 the government presented a national action plan to address these goals, in cooperation with business, organisations and local authorities. The goals are ambitious and will not be achieved if society does not work together; this is a national priority and creates a common direction for all of us. ​

In defining the way forward for SANDS, we look to UN’s sustainability goals. In particular it has been important for us to engage ourselves in goals where our skills can make a difference, where we can continue and further the firm’s existing societal work and, not least. maintain the strong social commitment of our staff. We shall be an employer that makes our people proud. Proud of the work we do every day as a law firm but also proud of how we make our small contribution to building a better society.