Frode Henning Antonsen


Project Asst.

Frode Henning Antonsen has specialized in contract law especially in construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing and supply agreements in various industries (both counseling contracts and construction contracts). He advises both in negotiations and contract signing, following up in the contract period and dispute resolution. This also covers strategic assistance in each case. Antonsen assists both public and private enterprises.

Antonsen has also expertise in public procurement, real estate law and corporate law. He also assists the supplier industry both in terms of onshore and offshore enterprises, i.e. the solar industry and wood processing.

Antonsen assists several major contractors, builders and suppliers/buyers of technical equipment. Antonsen has broad experience regarding cases for a number of toll operators in Norway both in terms of corporate law, contract law and by acquisitions. He also has experience in real estate transactions and structuring processes. He assists the municipal sector with advice within signing of contracts, construction law and real estate, including development agreements.

Antonsen regularly litigates cases for public and private clients both for the ordinary courts and for arbitration tribunals.

Furthermore, Frode Henning Antonsen is a lecturer at the Folkeuniversitetet in Trondheim (Bachelor/Master's degree in Law at the Universities of Oslo and Tromsø) within contract law for the freshmen and contract law/ property law for the 3rd year students. He has also lectured in the law of damages. Antonsen also features regular courses in contract law, public procurement and construction law.

Antonsen was for two years a research assistant at the Department of Public Law at the University of Oslo.


SANDS Advokatfirma DA


Advokatfirmaet Steenstrup Stordrange DA

Senior Associate | Associate

University of Oslo, Institute of Public and International Law

Research assistant

Norwegian Armed Forces

Compulsory service (1 year) and brief engagements

University of Oslo

Cand. jur.

Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, the Netherlands

Studies in EU law and energy law

The Officer Training School for Army Combat Service and Support, BSHTI