Odd Walther Moi


Project Asst.

Moi is specialized in expropriation and cases of appraisal, ground lease and commercial leases, in addition to dispute resolution and legal procedure.

He has substantial expertise with the expropriation process from the planning stage to resolution, and in negotiations regarding compensation and judicial assessment. Moi assists property owners, property owners’ organizations and companies affected by public property interventions.

In addition to the above Moi has considerable experience with commercial leases, both lessor and lessee’s sides, and with ground lease. He assists both lessee and lessor, especially regarding regulations of ground rent, redemption, extension, discontinuation of activities etc.

Moi also has considerable experience from and expertise in legal relations concerning real property in general, including neighbour issues, prescriptive rights, easements and questions concerning rights in joint properties.

In addition, Moi has considerable experience with legal procedure, and was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2010.


SANDS Advokatfirma DA

Partner | Senior Associate

Advokatfirmaet Secher

Senior Associate | Associate

Admitted to the Supreme Court


University of Bergen

Cand. jur.