How have we worked with requirements of due care and assessing risks?

The work is based on principles relating to risk-based approaches and proportionality, and SANDS has assessed risk, degree of severity and probability pursuant to the type of risk and negative consequences and has ranked the suppliers based on this.

SANDS mainly has domestic suppliers, and none outside of the EU and the US. Most of them deliver services, and there are no suppliers related to industries mentioned in bullet point two below.

In the assessment process, risk of social dumping has been the main focus, including forced labour, discrimination, low wages that do not cover human needs, use of overtime, pollution and accidents. Based on this process, seven suppliers have been investigated in more detail, within industries such as inter alia cleaning, cafeteria, catering, hotel and furnishing.

SANDS has used available information, as well as search the websites of relevant suppliers. All the suppliers SANDS has investigated in more detail have informed on their websites that they have introduced routines and are actively working to prevent breaches of human rights, and for decent working conditions.

Which focus areas have been especially important to SANDS?

In the work of assessments under the transparency act, SANDS has had the following focus areas:

  • Geography – All suppliers are localised in Norway or within the EU or the US
  • Industry – No suppliers within oil and gas, workshop or food industries or chemical, textile or processing industries
  • Market/business sector – Focus on business sectors with a risk of – and that may have sub-suppliers with a risk of – social dumping
  • Amount – Focus on suppliers where the sums of purchases amount to over NOK 100,000 over the last 12 months