Asset management and Private equity

Whilst investment activity in the asset management industry is constantly increasing, and investors' focus on technology and ethical and responsible investment (ESG) is becoming more important, the industry has become the subject of increasingly comprehensive regulation. SANDS provides a wide range of services to all types of asset managers and private equity investors, from the establishment of collective investment structures to providing ongoing advice on regulatory matters.

SANDS has broad competence in all regulatory matters that are relevant to asset managers in a broad sense. Our team regularly assists asset managers with the establishment, reorganisations and the ongoing management of various types of fund structures, both in Norway and in internationally recognised fund jurisdictions such as Ireland, Luxembourg and Jersey/Guernsey, including mutual funds (UCITS/non-UCITS), real estate funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds.

Within the private equity segment, our advice extends over the entire life cycle of a fund; from the establishment of fund structures to assistance in mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of co-investment programs for key individuals, co-investments and exits. Our clients include managers, investors and portfolio companies.

We have a particularly strong presence in the venture capital segment, where we regularly assist fund managers, investors and start-up companies from the early venture phase to further growth and exit.

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