Dispute resolution and litigation

SANDS is one of Norway’s leading civil litigation practices. Civil litigation is a driving force and we stand ready to assist Norwegian and international clients. Through our 15 lawyers admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Norway, SANDS has contributed to driving the development of Norwegian law through the decisions in many important leading cases in recent years. In 2018, we received "Achievement of the Year". The award was bestowed on us for the assistance we provided to the 474 former students at Westerdal’s College in Oslo.

With 140 lawyers, SANDS belongs to the small handful of Norwegian law firms with the requisite legal expertise, professional insight and, not least, the capacity to handle major national and international disputes in business law. 

- Client, Legal 500, 2022

Always well prepared, they have a strong team around them to provide input, always serious in the work they deliver. They are great negotiators in court and outside.’

Expertise to the fingertips

Litigation is an independent discipline under rapid development which SANDS masters to its fingertips. In addition, SANDS distinguishes itself with a defining awareness that litigation is never enough on its own. SANDS has a number of competent specialist departments with partners who regularly litigate in their areas. For example, for cases in construction, intellectual property rights or shipping, up-to-date and in-depth insight into the relevant field, sector and industry is required.

As a client of SANDS, you will therefore meet a flexible, seasoned team built around one partner in litigation and one specialist from the specialist department. Additional resources will be brought in as needed, so that as a client you will never be charged for unnecessary hours and will always have an accommodating and professionally strong partner who takes your call when you contact them.

From cradle to grave

SANDS wants to come into a client’s projects as early as possible, in order to prevent future disputes if possible. Should the matter nevertheless end in a conflict that may land in court or arbitration, SANDS is ready with immediate advice and can quickly bring in litigators. That is when our unique combination of specialist expertise and litigation experience really comes into its own. 

Each year, SANDS handles on an ongoing basis more than two hundred cases that are running in the legal system or arbitration. In the last year, we have assisted in several cases discussed in the media, such as the conflict involving the Zachariasbryggen locale in Bergen and the well-known Westerdals case.


They see the client’s needs, are knowledgeable and constructively critical of both risk and expectations.

- Client, Legal500, 2022