Global Construction Desk

Norway experiences an exceptional boom in new infrastructure projects – projects which are attractive to a wide range of companies from the global construction industry. SANDS offers a highly specialised team and a tailormade concept to facilitate and assist international newcomers and companies already operational in the Norwegian market.

Attractive as the Norwegian infrastructure market may seem, there are obvious pitfalls and risks for new entrants. You have to understand the business culture, make the right connections and work within a predictable legal and business context. Avoiding unnecessary costs and time-consuming procedures is imperative.

One-stop shopping

We are one of the largest and leading Norwegian teams in construction law and are providing our experience and expertise to the benefit of international clients. Our firm has substantial presence in major offices all over Norway. We offer you an extended service concept encompassing legal and business disciplines like compliance, cultural understanding and lobbying, partnership search, taxation and insurance law, conflict resolution, negotiations – in short, a complete one-stop package for a successful start-up in Norway. Many of our staff are multilingual in addition to English. 

SANDS has a long track record with references from similar clients both international and domestic, and we combine deep legal understanding and knowledge with hands-on experience from the construction industry. Our network and contacts with major decisions makers and potential partners is extensive. 

Our objective is to present an optimal business case to our clients through competitive pricing and a superior service concept.

First aid kit with an attractive pricing model

We have developed a very flexible methodology and procedure and are able to meet the specific needs of our clients in each and every instance. Above all, we have practical real-life experience from management positions as contractors and consultants. We are happy to provide you with a toolbox ranging from simple services like office premises and formal start-up prerequisites to full fledge support throughout a building project. You, the client decides the process, speed and allocation of resources. 

We are prepared to match this with competitive pricing models. 

Some references:

PPP projects. We have been involved in all three PPP road projects in Norway with a broad range of legal services – from the very start-up to finalising the project. This encompasses agreements, negotiations, insurance, conflict solving, public procurement and 24/7 service to our clients. 

InterCity Rail Projects. A very ambitious high-speed network connecting main cities around Oslo. We have been involved in partner search, joint venture set-ups, negotiation with the Rail Authorities and mediation.  

Road projects. We have been legal partners on many of the major road projects, ranging from E39, E18 and E6 to mention a few. In many cases we have conducted successful litigation processes for our Clients.  

Buildings. Some of the major building projects we have been working on are the new prestigious National Museum in Oslo with international and Norwegian partners and “Barcode”, the spectacular new business area downtown Oslo.