Lars Selmar Alsaker


Project Asst.

Lars Alsaker is specialised within public and administrative law. He has over many years assisted clients in cases related to building and zoning law and regulatory cases related to aquaculture.

The assistance to clients within aquaculture includes regulatory challenges related to concessions, permits for aquaculture localities, fish health and infection control and government sanctions. He is a regular columnist in the trade journals and internet newspapers, Norsk Fiskerinæring, Norsk Sjømat and Lars is part of the SANDS-team assisting The Norwegian Seafood Association.

Lars assists construction clients with regard to zoning processes, building applications, refund cases and appeals. He had participated as a lecturer and sensor at the building and zoning law course at the University of Bergen. Lars also writes regularly on building law issues in Byggindustrien and

Lars has also an extensive litigation experience.