Ove-Marthin Granlund


Project Asst.

Ove-Marthin Granlund is partner in SANDS and has for more than 30 years focused on tax- and corporate law issues, mainly restructuring and purchase/sale of companies, and change of generations in family owned businesses, mostly commercial property companies. He has deposited security for real estate settlement with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. His assistance includes preparations prior to sales/acquisitions, negotiations, contract drafting, closing and settlement in property transactions, and all aspects of property developments like zoning plans, deallocation, and commercialization.

Granlund is also board member in property and trade businesses.

1991 -

SANDS Advokatfirma DA

1986 - 1989

The Norwegian Directorate of Taxes

Principal | Office manager

University of Oslo

Cand. jur.


For a number of years frequently written tax chronicles published in the Norwegian finance

Norwegian Periodical Tax Law paper (Tidsskrift for Skatterett)

 Several publications

Co-author in several tax related books