Dispute resolution and litigation

Steenstrup Stordrange has extensive expertise and experience dealing with dispute resolution.

When the disagreement between the two parties is of legal nature, that is, they have different views on the law or facts, we have a legal dispute.

Our work with conflict resolution and litigation embraces assisting public inspectorate agencies and administrative and prosecuting authorities, including matters of economic crime etcetera.

We offer legal services based on good ethical standards carried out by the most professional attorneys. 

Court or out of court dispute resolution

Wherever possible we try to resolve conflicts outside the courts by offering good advice, analyses and arbitration.


The attorneys of Steenstrup Stordrange work with all types of commercial jurisprudence. The Disputes and Litigation Practice will cooperate with other teams of experts when needed.

We have a great deal of expertise dealing with economic crimes, and have worked on some of the most complex cases in Norway in recent years. Our Practice can assist in a variety of matters being presented to the ordinary courts (the Conciliation Board, the district courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court) and arbitration tribunals. Several of our team members are admitted to present cases at the Supreme Court.

Criminal law

Steenstrup Stordrange also has extensive experience in criminal law and can assist companies or private individuals in such cases. We have been particularly active in matters involving The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. 

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