External notification channel

Notification means reporting objectionable conditions in the business. Notifications can be made internally in the business, to the authorities, or via an external notification channel that the business itself arranges for

SANDS assists your business in establishing an external notification channel and processing notifications. The technical solution we offer has the option of anonymous notification and anonymous communication. It is simple and suitable for all businesses. The solution considers both requirements for information security and privacy, and it fulfils the Norwegian Working Environment Act’s provisions on proper notification.

Why is a notification channel important for your business?

It is required by law to facilitate notification. According to the Norwegian Working Environment Act, it is the employer’s responsibility to arrange for employees to be able to report objectionable conditions and to ensure that the person notifying can be confident that the information will be processed correctly, without risk of retaliation. Included in the employer’s duties is a responsibility to provide employees with sufficient information about notification and to establish routines for proper processing of notification reports about objectionable conditions. These are important prerequisites for a notification channel to work effectively.

Access to information from employees. Employees in a business have access to large amounts of information that neither management nor the board of directors know about. This may apply to objectionable conditions that management and the board are responsible for uncovering and dealing with. Examples could be suspicions of financial crime, breaches of security requirements or ethically problematic conditions. Audit and control routines cannot uncover all types of objectionable conditions. Access to information from employees is therefore crucial for the management. Access is secured through the company’s external notification channel.

Access to information from third parties. Not only employees, but also suppliers, customers and other external connections may have information about objectionable conditions or violations of the law that may be important to the management, including embezzlement. A notification channel for such external sources is not required by law but will contribute to the board and management getting better information about security, and to a lesser extent being exposed to unpleasant surprises through negative media reports or unannounced public inspection.

Safe and secure processing of censurable information. External processing - and receipt of notifications of objectionable conditions provides a more objective and secure processing of notifications and increased credibility. It also signals both internally and externally that the business takes notifications, including objectionable conditions in the business, seriously.

What can we assist your business with?

SANDS helps your business establish a notification channel and process notifications. The solution is in accordance with legislation, encrypted and facilitates the business to meet the authority’s current requirements for processing notifications on objectionable conditions in a simple manner.

Our offered notification scheme normally includes:

  • Proposals for, or evaluation of, routines for processing notifications
  • Establishment and operation of an external notification channel
  • Reception and forwarding of notifications to the client’s internal notification recipient

In addition, we can assist with:

  • Follow-up of information from the notification, investigations, and factual investigations, as well as legal assessments. Read more about our specialists here.
  • Communication and information to the organisation about the notification scheme, for example by preparing material, internal training, courses or similar.