German Desk

SANDS German Desk advises companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and companies that export to these countries. The group is made up of our German-speaking Norwegian lawyers and three German lawyers.

We are well connected with the German legal industry, including large and medium-sized law firms across Germany. If need for local assistance arises, we connect our clients with a local attorney and assist in the instruction and management of the German legal assistance.

Our services include:

  • Establishment of businesses in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Operation of such businesses
  • Sales of goods and services in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Proposals, negotiations and disputes relating to contracts with German-speaking parties
  • Negotiations and arbitration
  • Norwegian subsidiaries of German (or Austrian / Swiss) companies
  • Disputes with a German-speaking counterparties
  • Litigation in Germany – the main part of proceedings before the German courts is written. We assist Norwegian clients with assessments and advice in cooperation with German lawyers

SANDS has assisted Norwegian companies in the German, Austrian and/or Swiss markets for many years. The lawyers appointed to our German Desk are fluent in German and have good knowledge and understanding of German business culture. It may at times be challenging to identify and understand legal, practical and cultural differences – we explain them to our clients in order to ease cross-border business relations.