White-collar crime

The white group at SANDS is among Norway’s leading expert environments within economic crime. The firm has represented clients in a number of Norway’s largest and highest-profile cases. The group is under the management of principal partner Bjørn Stordrange and provides all-encompassing advice to enterprises and individuals throughout the entir e process related to suspicion of censurable circumstances. This includes crisis management, media strategy, assistance with examinations by supervisory authorities, and assistance during investigations and consideration of the case in court.

How SANDS works on white-collar crime

Effective assistance related to white-collar crime requires a high level of expertise in civil, criminal, procedural and strategic matters. In addition, it requires knowledge about the business community and company law. Such cases are therefore challenging and differ significantly from ordinary criminal cases. SANDS has seven partners who work a great deal on economic crime. They get assistance as needed from SANDS’ many strong practices.

The case begins: The search

Investigations in white-collar crime cases often start with an unannounced search. For the affected company or person, such an occurrence can be dramatic and have extensive ripple effects. Those involved must quickly take important decisions while under pressure. The white-collar crime team consists of lawyers with broad expertise who can provide solid advice and support throughout this phase. In addition, we pay great attention to the human aspect in such a situation.

Assistance during investigations

After the search, an active investigation begins, which in white-collar crime cases may be extensive and long-lasting. During this phase, SANDS assists with clarifying technical and strategic questions. We assist in connection with interviews, fact finding, procedural questions, contact with stakeholders, strategic questions and questions related to corporate criminal liability.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and characteristic expertise in all professional fields covered by the term white-collar crime. We also have broad professional knowledge and experience from the area of business law and from public law, including the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the financial market, environmental crime, corruption, and tax and excise duty law.

Solid and appropriate assistance in an early phase of the investigation can result in a major difference with respect to the outcome of the case. This particularly applies for investigations of companies, where the continued operation of the business must also be taken into account. Companies can only be exposed to fines, and we assist in discussions about determining any such fines.

Trials before the courts

SANDS’ lawyers have extensive litigation experience and regularly assist companies and individuals during trials before all judicial bodies, including the Supreme Court of Norway. Our lawyers have litigated and been involved in several of Norway’s biggest cases involving white-collar crime.

Our services encompass:

  • Crisis and media management
  • Strategic advice
  • Assistance in connection with investigations and compliance programmes
  • Assistance in connection with interviews/interrogations and contact with the authorities
  • Defence representation during investigations and court procedures