Construction law

SANDS is one of Norway’s leading firms on construction law. Our experienced lawyers work on large international, national and regional construction projects. SANDS drives the development of Norwegian construction law by hosting forums and initiating collaborative projects in areas like the digitisation of the construction process.

The team is made up of people with different skills who complement each other very well. They are forward-thinking and aggressive and are able to combine their legal skills with a great understanding of the purpose and function of construction projects.

- Client, Legal 500, 2024

SANDS has a unique life cycle focus on projects. We build long-term client relationships, “solving” projects as early as possible to avoid conflicts and saving “blood, sweat and money” later. With branches in all the largest Norwegian cities, SANDS is a preferred national and regional partner on projects, ranging from Public-Private Partnerships, railway and road construction, to residential projects and public signal construction like Barcode and the new National Museum of Arts.

What SANDS can help you with

SANDS' construction team consists of 40 lawyers and associates, several of whom have been central to the development and modernization of Norwegian construction law in recent years. The group is led by Alf Johan Knag.

SANDS’ lawyers handle these areas:

International companies

SANDS has developed a dedicated service for international entities who wish to take a position in the Norwegian market. We assist with establishing the company in Norway; construction contracts; tender processes; contract negotiations; project fulfilment and everything in between.


With heavy investments being made in roads, railway and the replacement of old sewage systems, SANDS is a preferred partner as we have handled many complex national and municipal Public-Private Partnership projects. We tailor bespoke contracts and participate in the development of new contractual forms and digital processes.

Traditional construction

Office buildings, residential projects and ordinary public and private construction projects based on standard contracts.


SANDS has several of Norway’s major construction consultancy firms on our client list. We assist consultancy firms such as Norconsult and Rambøll in contractual negotiations, tender processes, arbitration and more, from beginning to end in a project.


This includes the responsibilities of employers, for instance with regards to accidents. This is viewed by Norwegian authorities as particularly important, and often leads to litigation. SANDS consults on these processes, and assists if conflict arises.

How we work at SANDS

The ”cradle to grave” model

Construction is a complex and dynamic area of law with a high propensity for expensive conflict. SANDS’ defining idea is to save our clients as many costs as possible by "solving" the project as early as possible. SANDS has developed a "one stop shopping" concept aiming to solve our clients’ every conceivable need from the project’s humble beginnings until its completion - from the contractual commitments to arbitration and fulfilment procedures. This also includes corollary areas of law such as public tenders, building permissions and neighbour relationships.

Certified brokers – cost-efficient conflict solving

SANDS stands apart from many law firms by its focus on avoiding conflict by early onboarding in projects. However, should conflict still arise, we have exceptionally experienced procedural lawyers to assist with fulfilment processes, arbitration and litigation. SANDS also has licensed brokers for simpler, faster and cost-efficient conflict solving.

Local expertise

One cannot underestimate the value of local expertise in construction projects. SANDS has branches in Oslo, Tønsberg, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim and Tromsø.


SANDS’ lawyers play an active part in the development of Norwegian construction law. We develop new contractual forms and try to be a driving force in the work to digitize the construction process. We like to share our knowledge with our clients. We publish, Norway’s only blog about construction law. We also host "The Fora for Construction Law" at our local branches, inviting clients and others to stay up to date on important developments in the field. We also offer bespoke courses. Please contact us on for additional information.

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