Expropriation and valuation

Owners and rights holders of properties subject to intervention or restraint (preservation, expropriation) are entitled to compensation for the economic loss they suffer as a consequence of government decisions.

In accordance with the rules of the Assessment Procedure Act, the expropriator is obligated to pay the plot owner’s expenses for legal and expert assistance.

Our company has many years of experience dealing with expropriation and preservation cases. We have a number of attorneys experienced in developer/landowner issues who understand both sides of such cases. Our attorneys have brought such cases to the Supreme Court.

We can assist you with the following issues, among others:

  • Preparing claims for compensation for economic loss from intervention/surrender of land
  • Tactical assessments as to whether a specific case should be resolved through arbitration or in the courts
  • Extrajudicial negotiations with the developer and preparing landowner agreements