Restructuring and insolvency

SANDS' Restructurings and Insolvency Practice provides advice and assistance to companies in crisis - especially with a focus on restructuring, refinancing and creditor negotiations.

We also assist banks, financial institutions, investment firm and other business enterprises with bad and doubtful debt and collecting outstanding claims.

Our assistance includes dealing with problems related to mortgage law and warranty issues in connection with the creation and recovery of warranties.

Many of our attorneys are appointed as bankruptcy trustees and we manage a significant number of bankruptcies and forced liquidations for the district courts all around the country.

The fact that we have offices in most regions of Norway allows us to manage large nationwide cases in an effective manner. We also have a large international network of contacts that we consult in cross-national cases.

Our attorneys combine a high level of professionalism with a fundamental understanding of the trade, and they consult other attorneys from the other practices of our law firm if necessary.

Some examples of processes we frequently are involved in:

  • Consultancy for companies experiencing economic difficulties, including:
  • Examining and preparing alternative solutions, assistance with private debt arrangements, public debt negotiations
  • Assistance to banks concerning preventive supervision of doubtful debt
  • Securing and collecting bad debts and warranties, including enforced collection
  • Assessment and follow-up of liability issues concerning the responsibility of the board of directors and professional liability matters
  • Assistance related to fraudulent preference, claims for restitution, claims for compensation etc.
  • Bankruptcy management
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

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