Dune Analytics - New unicorn

SANDS would like to congratulate Dune Analytics with its successful Series B equity raise of USD 69.420 million, with  Coatue as lead investor. Congratulations also with reaching unicorn status!

Dune Analytics provides a community-powered platform which supports data queries for five blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain and xDAI. The funds will i.a. be used to educate, reward and empower a new generation of web3 data analysts aka Dune Wizards.

SANDS is proud to have assisted Dune Analytics in the process, with a team comprising of Terje Gulbrandsen, Ane Dahlen, Martin Brox (now lead legal at Dune), Gisle Årnes and Eline Gisleberg.

Read more here: https://dune.xyz/blog/series-b