Forensic services

SANDS is one of Norway’s leading law firms in investigation and compliance. We assist in investigating and managing crises in all phases – for unforeseen events, suspected censurable matters, whistleblowing and other situations where the facts of the matter may be concealed from view.

In addition, the investigation group at SANDS has unique expertise in performing expanded due diligence on companies and participants in markets with many unknown factors. Our ten employees combine specific investigative experience with professional strength in company law, criminal law, economic crime, accounting, finance and other supporting fields.

We work in small, intensive teams with a willingness to work in the field, based on the recognition that truly useful information that can trim a transaction or protect a client’s reputation is only uncovered by being present and asking the right questions.

What we do

Interdisciplinary collaboration

International presence and collaboration

Lectures and seminars on investigation or other related topics

Sometimes ordinary due diligence is not enough. SANDS’ uniquely composed investigation group combines business law, criminal law, auditing, finance and investigative experience to uncover the information which taken to the extreme might shave a transaction by hundreds of millions of kroner or avert a bad deal.

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Nicolai Skridshol
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Lene Eia Bollestad
Special Advisor
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M: +47 922 66 102



Halvor Grov
T: +47 22 81 45 51
M: +47 958 76 438
Ketil Sellæg Ramberg
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M: +47 480 16 549


Fredrik Finsås
Senior Associate
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M: +47 934 57 121
Morten Tveten
Special Counsel
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M: +47 906 07 153



Ingrid Løvseth
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