Forensic services

SANSD is one of Norway’s leading law firms within the fields of investigation and compliance, composed of an extremely strong and reputable professional environment. We assist in investigations and handling of crises in all phases; from when unforeseen incidents occur, on suspicion of unethical and/censurable issues, in the event of the receipt of warnings/notices of concern or in other situations where it is also necessary to shed light on the actual facts of the matter. In addition, we carry out legal evaluations of factual investigations and handle the media. Read more below about how we can assist your business!

Investigations and examination of facts

Our specialists assist companies in the event of suspicions in connection with employees’ performance of duties, breaches of loyalty and trust, unethical issues within the business or in investigations/scrutinization of findings from background checks (integrity due diligence) of companies/individuals, or in other situations where it is necessary to shed light on the factual aspects of a matter. If required, according to the nature of the assignment, investigations can also be carried out as pre-examinations and/or partial investigations. This is decided upon in collaboration with the client.

We are also a whistleblower channel and can assist with follow-up in the form of investigation/examination of notifications or notices of concern. Read more about our external notification channel here.

Preventive investigations/scrutinization

Frequently, clients have a need to carry out preventive investigations/scrutinization, without specific suspicions – among other things in connection with transactions and on entering into contractual agreements, or as risk-based follow-up of companies in the supplier portfolio or other third parties. Read more about our role as a commercial consultant and how we can help your business here.

Legal evaluation of revealed facts/examination

With broad interdisciplinary team composition, we assist with insight and advice on how to, as best as possible, evaluate the legal consequences of findings from investigations, for example from employment law issues, evaluation of Board of Directors’ liability, evaluation of drafting of contracts, renegotiation or termination of agreements, evaluation of possible claims for compensation, implementation of supplementary clauses in contracts, pricing of targets in a transaction etc.

«Second opinions» / quality control of investigations and other services

Our specialists have extensive experience in assisting with ”second opinions”/quality control of investigations or other tasks that have been carried out internally or by external consultants. Examples of situations in which we assist businesses are analyses of methods for obtaining and the quality of submitted facts, for example in employment law cases, contract negotiations, disputes or financial criminality cases.


Disputes, processes or other legal proceedings

Our services build upon the legal principles enshrined in civil and criminal law, including standards of proof, contradiction and confidentiality. Our assistance encompasses for example the establishment of facts prior to or during civil and/or criminal cases, or assistance as expert witnesses in proceedings associated with an individual case or investigation.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation

One of our strengths is broad interdisciplinary competence; we bring together tailor-made teams with specific professional skills in order to carry out each individual investigation/examination securely and effectively. Read more about selected alternative professional areas with which we cooperate closely:

International presence and cooperation

Depending on the nature of a case, our specialists travel the world with our clients in order to ensure that all of the facts of a matter are brought to light. We also have access to a broad international network of cooperating partners all over the globe, which means we can always provide high quality with the required insight into local commercial issues and laws when carrying out investigations, e.g. among others, The Interlex Group®, composed of 47 law firms in 61 countries and 155 cities, which is ranked in Tier 1 of Chambers & Partners.

Courses and seminars on compliance or other related themes

We hold courses and seminars on a broad range of themes and problem issues related to compliance, for Board of Directors, senior management, key personnel, legal departments in companies, organisations and public institutions.

Read more about our other disciplines:




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